Efficient and effective dredging for your pond, lagoon, or basin

Our Process


We custom quote every dredging project, so once you give our dredging company a call, we’ll take a look at your lagoon, pond, or basin to gather the information we need.

Custom Bid

After we look at your property, our pond and lagoon dredging contractors will put together a custom bid and estimated timeline. We’ll also make a recommendation for a slurry containment method.

Dredging & Containment

Upon the agreed upon date, we’ll begin work cleaning up the slurry and sludge from your lagoon, basin, or pond. We’ll then contain the removed contents. Here, it’ll settle and dry.

Removal of Contained Solids

You can take care of the contained solids on your own, or we can come back and remove them for you. Our dredging company can also apply them as spread fertilizer on crop ground.

Our Containment Methods

Dewatering Tubes

Tubes can be filled and stacked as excess water drains through small pores of geotextile tubes.

Dredge Material Placement Site

Contain your pumped material in a diked, confined area, which we can build with a dirt structure or by using the IMS GeoPool.

Mechanical Dewatering

Through the use of screens, presses, or centrifuges, we're able to classify and separate sediments. The water is clarified and then returned.

Open Discharge

Open discharge means your dredged material is pumped directly onto the shoreline. This method is often used for beach restoration or land reclamation.


doesn’t have to be a daunting chore

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At Plains Dredging, we have the right knowledge, expertise, and equipment to take care of your project quickly and efficiently.
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Whatever your project might be, get in touch with our dredging company today to discuss a solution.


Based in Kearney, Nebraska, Plains Dredging is the one to trust when it comes to removing sludge and bio-solids from your lagoon or pond. Our solutions are effective, efficient, and reliable, and we won’t stop till we get the job done right. 

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