Open Discharge

Open discharge dredging is a method of sucking dredged material from the bottom of a water basin through an intake pipe and discharging that material directly onto the shoreline or other deposit/disposal location. The open discharge dredging method is used primarily for land reclamation and the restoration of beaches. While the idea initially evokes images of ocean coastline, the method can also be used for the restoration of lake marinas and recreational bodies of water damaged or compromised by severe storm activity.

Plains Dredging has a team of skilled experts in the procedures and necessary precautions required for open discharge dredging. The federal government and many localized governments have strict regulations on the materials that can and cannot be dredged, and how the discharge must be handled and what it can contain. The regulations vary from state to state, and depend upon whether the dredged area involves a coastline, a lake shoreline, streamsides, or a natural wetland. Regulations often become meticulous about replacing any portion of a water feature with dry land, or changing the bottom elevation of any body of water. Inland water, open water, upland, confined disposal—many things must be considered, and we’re professionals with the knowledge and experience to handle these types of jobs properly.

When you need dredged material to shore up a construction site, to mitigate the effects of erosion around structures located near water sources,  to improve the navigability of a waterway, or for land reclamation and restoration contact the open discharge dredging professionals at Plains Dredging. We’ve got the experience, expertise, the necessary equipment, and the determination to get your project done right. We’ll consult with you about the requirements and considerations of your project, then we’ll assess your property to determine the best course of action to achieve exactly what you need. We’ll provide you with a custom estimate of cost and a project timeline. Then we’ll fire up the dredging cutter head and keep it churning until we’re satisfied we’ve exceeded your expectations.



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