Sludge & Contained Solids Removal

You’ve got a body of water, either a lagoon, pond, or other water basin, and you need to keep it free from an excessive buildup of sediment. That’s where Plains Dredging comes in.  Our lagoon and pond dredging team of experts  have been in this business long enough to know how to get the job done right the first time, every time.

The initial process requires removing the sludge and slurry from the body of water that requires cleaning, and containing the dredged material throughout the dewatering process until the water and solids are separated. Once the slurry dries down, something has to be done with the solid material. You can remove or relocate the solids, or we can return to your property to either spread the dry down as fertilizer for your crops, to construct berms or other land reclamation purposes, or we can haul the solid material off your property.

We’ll ensure compliance with all government regulations if such consideration is needed and, at the beginning of the dredging process, we’ll consult with you about the best containment option for whatever use—or non-use—you have for the dry cake.

The time needed to complete the sludge and contained solids removal  process will depend upon the size of your basin and the amount of slurry we remove, and the equipment that will be necessary to remove or transport the solid material. The timeline for completion will also depend upon any weather events that might occur to necessitate an extended removal date. Late spring, summer, and early fall are the best times to undertake a dredging project to facilitate adherence to any required timelines. Frozen water elements cannot be dredged.


 Our lagoon and pond dredging experts  have extensive experience cleaning up feedlots and dairy farms, and other livestock operations. Contact us today about your needs, and we’ll consult with you about the best options for sludge and contained solids removal  and containment, and dry cake disposal or dispersal.


Based in Kearney, Nebraska, Plains Dredging is the one to trust when it comes to removing sludge and bio-solids from your lagoon or pond. Our solutions are effective, efficient, and reliable, and we won’t stop till we get the job done right. 

Serving Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming and more. We travel nationwide.

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