Dredging and Containment

Dredging is the process of excavating solid slurry or sludge from the beds and bottoms of water elements—such as ponds, lakes, basins, and lagoons—and separating the sediment and debris from the water. Dredging is used to maintain safe and efficient navigability through waterways, cleaning debris and sediment from ponds or lagoons to increase their depth, thus increasing their volume for water storage, and for widening waterways to facilitate safer travel.

Industrial Applications

Dredging can be used to remove sediment and debris for municipal bridge projects, docks, and piers. Often, materials needed for construction projects, such as sand and gravel, can be quickly collected from the bottom of a lake or pond. The water content can be removed to create solid material for making concrete. Industrial dredging can also be used in particular water elements to obtain precious metals.

Commercial Applications

Municipal parks projects and residential development projects can benefit from the extra soil dredged from a water element that will be used in the project. Rivers that run through municipal areas can be made deeper to drop their elevation for improved flood mitigation.

Environmental Applications

Dredging can remove contaminants from chemical and oil spills, removal of sewage accumulation, or the buildup of organic matter from flooding or stormwater runoff. When used for wildlife preserves and ecosystems, environmental dredging can be used to mitigate excessive debris runoff that creates dense algae growth and pond scum, which creates excessive nitrogen content that chokes the water system and can clog water intake valves.

Our adept team at Plains Dredging specializes in cleaning up the slurry and sludge from bodies of water, and containing it with one of several options to dry it out. You can then use the filter cakes (restored solid material) for a land reclamation project, as fertilizer, or you can remove the material from your site. If you prefer, we can remove the unwanted material.

Our dredging and containment processes include:

Dewatering Tubes

Dredge Material Placement Sites

Mechanical Dewatering

Open Discharge


Whatever your project might be, get in touch with our dredging company today to discuss a solution.


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