What is your process?

We custom quote every dredging project, including pond sludge removal and lagoon pumping because every cleanup situation is unique. Once you give us a call, we’ll take a look at your basin and assess the best method for cleaning it out. Then, we’ll put together an educated bid and determine the best equipment to use on the job. The containment structure of the lagoon and access to it may determine what types of equipment we can or can’t use and the best equipment to achieve the end result. After that, we’ll discuss a plan of action for the lagoon or pond sludge removal and schedule a time that will work for both of us.

What can I expect for a timeline?

Timeline will depend on the size of the lagoon and the amount of solids to remove. It’s also hard for us to know exactly how much sludge we’ll need to remove beforehand, and this also affects the timeline.

What time of year can I schedule basin, pond or lagoon dredging?

Spring, summer, and fall are optimal for basin/pond sludge removal and lagoon pumping. We won’t be able to dredge when the basin is frozen.

Can you dredge lined lagoons?

Yes, we can work on lined lagoons. We put a guard on our cutter head so it doesn’t damage the basin liner.

What do you do with the solids once you remove them?

After we remove the basin slurry, we put it in a containment structure. Here, it settles out and dries down. At this point, we can come back and remove the solids and apply them for you (spread as fertilizer on crop ground) or you can remove the solids on your own.

Which containment structure is right for me?

When starting the project, we’ll take a look to see which method is most economic and best for your situation. 

If you’re looking for pond sludge removal, lagoon pumping, or mechanical dewatering, give us a call!


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