Dewatering Tubes

Dewatering tubes are geotextile bags for dredging made from permeable fabrics used to separate and dry dredged sediments and slurry from their water content and to desludge industrial waste. They are essentially large tubes woven from polypropylene yarns. Designed for dredging and other water-based projects, the tubes are resistant to natural forces and block ultraviolet rays, rot, and biological degradation. The best advantages are the limited carbon footprint; they are an environmentally friendly option for the reuse of the water, and they quickly separate large amounts of sludge from the solids that, like the water, can also be reused.

Once the bag is filled, the water can be easily and quickly pumped out, and when they’re dry, the dewatering tubes can be opened to remove the sludge and regain the usable solids. The dredging geotextile bags can be transported, left in place to shore up a geologic land element, or used in land reclamation. Another advantage is the versatility of the geotextile dewatering tubes. They can be stacked vertically to take up less space, fit virtually into all roll-off boxes for convenient transport, and can be custom designed and manufactured to achieve the goals of your exact project.

Plains Dredging ensures the success of every project we undertake. We make sure the proper dose of polymer is added to the sludge, which makes all the difference in whether we collect just a big bag of water, or we end up with a hefty bag of solids. Throughout the sludge separation process, we monitor the dewatering tubes by removing live samples to check that the water flowing out is clear and to facilitate a faster output of water to allow for a more dense collection of solids.


Contact us when you’ve got a water element that is filled with unwanted sludge or biosolids. We do agricultural, industrial, and commercial work, and we won’t sign off on a job until we know it’s done right.


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