Fertilizing Crop Ground

Dredged material from harbors and oceanic environments is commonly disposed of at sea, while material dredged from inland water sources is often relegated to purposes of land reclamation and the construction of berms, dikes, levees, and other earthen structures. Just as often, the dry cake that remains after dewatering the dredged solids is carted off to landfills. But studies done on farmlands in practically every state of the country suggest that the agronomic use of dredged solids as crop fertilizer more often than not increases the forage yield of a field designated for livestock grazing. The Environmental Protection Agency has even approved the use of dredged biosolids as fertilizer.

Obviously, compliance with certain regulations and standards must be maintained to avoid potential hazards from pathogens and heavy metals. But soil testing is simple, and very accurate. We can ensure your recycled dredged material (DM) is safe for your agricultural operation. Also, the performed studies have themselves yielded tables that define mixture ratios of soil to DM. In many cases, however, tests showed that fields entirely composed of DM yield the same forage as fields that completely lacked DM. That said, the material we dredge from your lagoons and ponds can be put to great agronomic use on your property.

The experts at Plains Dredging are the perfect team to recycle your dredged material.  We will assess your needs and goals to design a custom solution for your dredging and dewatering containment and, once the dry down is complete, you can relocate the dry cake to your fields or compost piles, or we can return and perform the relocation for you.

We have various solutions for your entire dredging project, and we’ll consult with you to determine which options are the most efficient and cost-effective for the kind of property you have and the use you intend for the material we remove from your water elements. If you need a one-time solution, we’ll handle all the details. If you need a continuing solution, we can set you up with systems that are easy to use, are affordable, and are easy to maintain.


Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can clean up your ponds and lagoons, and how the recycled dredge material can be used  to your advantage.


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