Custom Assessments and Quotes

No two plots of land are the same, and no two bodies of water are identical. Terrain determines accessibility to the water element, and every body of water is subject to unique conditions that create sediment buildup from sand, clay, vegetation, or biosolids, particularly on land used for livestock and agriculture. That’s why the  professional dredging and sludge removal contractors at Plains Dredging don’t use boilerplate pricing. We offer custom assessments and quotes on every job we do, because no two jobs can ever be the same. We offer fair and honest pricing that matches the job you’re looking to accomplish.

Everything depends on the size and location of your lagoon, pond, or basin, the equipment we’ll need to access and dredge it, and the kind of containment you’ll want for the dewatering process.  Our dredging and sludge removal contractors will survey your property to assess the best slurry removal and containment options, and to learn whether you want to remove the dry cake, want it dispersed as fertilizer, need it for land reclamation, or whether you want to use it for the construction of berms and levees.

Throughout the assessment,  our dredging and sludge removal contractors will consult with you to gain full understanding of what you need and expect from your dredging project. We will also offer recommendations for best practices and the options we think will best satisfy your requirements.

After assessing your needs and requirements, and deciding on a plan of action that will achieve optimum success, we’ll provide you with an educated bid and a proposed timeline for the completion of the entire project.


You won’t find any dredging outfit with the expertise, determination, and commitment like the professionals at Plains Dredging. If you have a body of water that needs to be dredged, we know exactly how to do it—and we won’t be satisfied until we know we’ve done it perfectly. Contact us today for a custom assessment and quote for your  project!


Based in Kearney, Nebraska, Plains Dredging is the one to trust when it comes to removing sludge and bio-solids from your lagoon or pond. Our solutions are effective, efficient, and reliable, and we won’t stop till we get the job done right. 

Serving Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming and more. We travel nationwide.

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