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At Plains Dredging, located in Kearney, Nebraska, we’re a team of 5 dredging professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in cleaning up ponds, lagoons, and basins including pond dredging and sludge removal. 

We started out in solid application spreading removed solids on fields. During this time, we saw a need for lagoon cleaning and pond dredging in bodies of water that were put in 20 years ago. They were starting to fill up with bio-solids and needed a service to clean them. We especially saw this need after damaging floods or torrential rains.

We have extensive experience working with feedlots, dairies, hog operations and cleaning up animal feeding operation lagoons.

We look forward to serving you with our dredging services. Contact us today to learn more about our pod dredging and sludge removal.

Jeff & Team

A lagoon, pond, or basin that was dredged by Plains dredging.


Based in Kearney, Nebraska, Plains Dredging is the one to trust when it comes to removing sludge and bio-solids from your lagoon or pond. Our solutions are effective, efficient, and reliable, and we won’t stop till we get the job done right. 

Serving Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming and more. We travel nationwide.

Plains Dredging, Kearney, NE

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